Coconut No Bake Cookies

This is a great recipe for a no bake cookie that is Gaps approved. We basically just replaced the oats with coconut flakes. You can feel free to use either grass-fed butter or coconut oil and also use your favorite sweeter or combination of a few of them. We do use some gluten free oats on occasions, but because we still have a lot of gut healing to do here at our home, we really limit our grains. This is full of healthy fats and also a great treat for everyone. They are also fun to make with the kids. As my older kids get older, they love to make treats themselves so I like this option, over a recipe that is full of flours, and all kinds of other high complex carbs. I took this recipe from the wellness mama an just adapted it to what our family likes.

Coconut No Bake Cookies Recipe

Chocolate No Bake Cookies Recipe:
Prep time: 15 mins
Total time: 15 mins- serves 24

No bake cookies made with coconut instead of oatmeal for extra protein and fiber. Make them dairy-free by using coconut oil instead of butter and mix them up my adding your favorite nuts.
½ cup butter or coconut oil
1/4 cup raw honey and 1/4 cup pure grade A maple syrup
¼ cup cocoa powder or cacao powder (I like Bulletproof chocolate powder)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract or Vanilla Max
⅓ cup almond butter or pecan butter or tahini
2-3 cups shredded coconut flakes
Melt the butter in a large saucepan.
Add sweetener and cocoa powder and bring to a simmer. Simmer 2-3 minutes or until it bubbles, but be careful not to let it burn.
Remove from heat and add vanilla and almond/pecan butter and stir until smooth.
Add coconut and mix to combine. Start with two cups and add more if needed, as the texture will depend on the size of the coconut flakes and there is a lot of variation among brands and some are drier than others. You want the finished mixture to be thick and somewhat crumbly, but scoopable.
Use a spoon to scoop the mixture onto a parchment paper or silicone sheet lined baking sheet in cookie-sized pieces.
Place cookies sheets in the freezer for 15 minutes until they have hardened. Store in an air-tight container in the freezer until ready to consume to maintain the texture.


Intermittent Fasting and other questions?

I recently got an email from one of my beautiful retreat ladies, Erica. She asked so many great questions that I decided to make it into a blog post. The truth is, that I had the same questions over the last few years and just did some trial and error and research to figure them out. I am still doing some experimenting and trying to really learn how to listen to my body and what it craves and needs. Here is her questions:


Who do you get your organic meats from? (I thought you said you had someone you could buy a whole cow from and freeze it)

Do you eat anything before you workout in the morning? I am trying to get away from fruit/grains in the morning. I have been doing your shakes after my morning workout, but it has been so ingrained in me to eat as soon as you wake up, but from the Forbidden Doctor podcast it sounds like that isn’t a good idea. Just curious of what you do.

Dave Asprey and Abel James recommend butter in coffee…do you think butter in tea or a different hot drink would work? Or is there something special about the butter/coffee combo?

Where do you get your nitrate free bacon from?

Sorry for so many questions! Thank you for the inspiration that you are!

These are great questions so keep them coming. First off, it is so important to find a farmer to get grass-fed organic meats and the most affordable way is to buy in large quantities and store in your freezer. I met the farmer that I have ordered from at the local farmer’s market here in Riverton, Utah. He sells a beefalo that taste amazing. His name is Doug Reed. I can get you his number if you send me a pm on Facebook for anyone that is interested. Also, Utah Wellness Meats has a store in West Valley that sells grass-fed meats, Peterson’s farm in Riverton and also a little store in Lehi next to Costco called Carson meats. You can find better prices at some of these little stores, but you can still find meats at Costco, Sprouts, and Harmons. The best prices are going to be with a farmer in large amounts though so start looking for farmer’s markets as the weather gets better. It’s the best way to go. As far as bacon, I do have some from a farmer, but most of the time I just buy mine at Costco. They have a all natural brand, the states on it that it is Nitrate free, no hormones and antibiotics. It is just located by all the crappy bacon in the fridges.

As far as the bullet proof coffee goes, I don’t drink coffee but I have and do use the concept on a lot of days. I don’t do this everyday, but probably a few days a week I will do a little Vanilla drink with grass-fed butter, MCT oil, Vanilla Max powder(by Dave Asprey) and little english toffee stevia or birch-wood xylitol and then blend it up. So, it’s this hot drink the keeps you really full and turns your brain on. Start with just small amounts of MCT oil, like 1 tsp-1 TBS or you can have digestive issues. Not everyone feels good on this, so you just try it out and see how you feel. You can also use your favorite herbal tea instead of the vanilla if you want. This is a great drink if you want to try intermittent fasting. This means you eat in a shorter window of time, like 12:00-8:00 and the rest of the time you can drink liquids, like this fatty vanilla latte, or stick to water with lemon or lime, or bone broth.

Eating right when you wake up can be really great for a lot of women especially, but this should mostly be fats and proteins,  but not really carbs. You do want to steer away from that. You can always add some veggies into your breakfast but besides that, you want very little carbs in the morning.  If you feel better eating than you don’t need to change that, but maybe do the  green smoothie protein shake right in the morning instead of grains and fruit. I actually just drink water and hydrate myself in the morning. I usually have a quart of warm water with fresh lemon and some mineral drops, and a little celtic sea salt. Then I work out fasted from food. I have done this for the past two years and just feel better doing it that way for me, but that doesn’t mean that’s best for you. Only you can determine if you feel better doing this. I just need to be super hydrated and I feel like I work out better on an empty stomach. I then drink about 12 ounces of bone broth after I work out and then when I actually start to feel hungry, then I will either eat my green smoothie, big salad, or some raw veggies and humus. That’s pretty typical. I have crepes or grain-free pancakes once in awhile with my family on a weekend morning, but we just make that only once a week at the most. It’s definitely a treat to do this, so I make it really count when I do and enjoy every bite knowing it is going to be harder to not overeat on that day.  I don’t like eating carbs in the morning. It makes me eat more throughout the day and makes me crave more sugar, not to mention it is raising blood sugar levels. Again, focus on healthy fats and clean protein in the morning.

Some of favorite podcasts to listen too are Forbidden Doctors, The Model Fitness Podcast, Fat-burning man, Bulletproof Exec, The Health Bridge, Ben Greenfield, On Air with Ella, The Primal Blueprint and The Charlene Show. I usually just rotate around with them.

Thank you Erica for all the great questions! I hope this helps a little. The key is to find out what works best for you! It’s just a lot of trial and error and informing yourself first to make sure you don’t hurt anything in the process. Erica is awesome! She is young and motivated and because of that she will be an amazing mom that keeps herself and her family healthy. That’s a big job. Here she is making fermented veggies at my retreat. Nothing like some sauerkraut to keep your gut happy!







Bringing Health to you and your family

Thank you for visiting my website. I would love to help you and your family incorporate habits that will absolutely change your health and your quality of life. These are vital steps in healing your gut, balancing your hormones, and getting your weight under control so that you feel your best. I also want to help you get your children to eat better, sleep better, think clearer, and even behave better. Not an easy task, but totally possible. It is a journey that I am on and will be forever. I am not perfect and make mistakes everyday but would love to share what I know and am learning with you all. I have a blog that you can visit here: The Health Mama  This is a blog that I wrote for my sister Angie who passed away this year with lung cancer. It was my way of trying to share anything thing I could to help her and I am hoping that it can still help others.



Here is a little about myself. I am a latter day saint, or mormon. I am a sister to 7 brother and sisters, daughter to my widow mother, wife to my hardworking handsome hubby, mom to my four children, beginner in cross-fit, holistic health teacher to friends and family, student to healthy living, wanna be athlete, and a part-time dental hygienist. I think that’s about it. I have been on a journey the past 10 years to heal my family and myself. My oldest son Isaac has suffered with migraines since he was 4 yrs old, my father suffered with diabetes and dementia, my sister suffered with cancer, and I was having all kinds of hormone issues including low thyroid hormone. I decided after years of medications and the western medical route not helping with any of these issues, that I would start to learn on my own. My blog is just my journey through most of that. I can tell you that through changing our diet and lifestyle the we are all on the way to healing. Everything has significantly improved over the years. Food does make a difference! What you breath in, take in, and put on yourself really does make a difference. I just want to share my journey with you all. You can visit me at Instagram @the_healthmama or on my Facebook page: Denise Christian/The Health Mama or even on Periscope under Denise Christian or The Health Mama. I have all my replays and of course my blog The Health Mama